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Surplus not a 'slush fund' for Richmond building projects: Steves, Greene. Surplus not a 'slush fund' for Richmond building projects Shop over 50 t-shirts Nostalgic designs tell the story of B. Update: Man found dead in Richmond business on Friday identified October 19, Words of reassurance from a GRFAW participant: Don't worry if you don't have the most amazing mark or outstanding achievements — you still have a chance! From my experience, all that matters is that you've articulated your passion for science really well in your essay.

To give you an idea, I talked about working at a summer camp and running in cross country races, and how those activities made me curious about different aspects of science. Thank you! Also, are you from Ontario? Yes, I am from Ontario. I'm currently finishing my grade 12 year in the IB programme.

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Not sure if that's of any help to you guys, best of luck with your applications. I'm the same as the others, I received my acceptance email yesterday! They said there was a record number of applicants, so good luck to everyone! I'm in grade 11 so only had to submit my grade 10 average, which was I didn't have many EC's at all, which really worried me and my parents and the teachers I told. In previous years, they have sent out rejection letters, though not sure about this year however. Hi everyone,I checked my email last night and turns out I've been accepted!

I too received the email two days ago, but I had been so busy that I didn't get a chance to check it before last night. It was kind of crazy, considering I didn't think I would actually get accepted — I only sent in my application pretty last minute after my biology teacher introduced me to the program. Good luck to everyone who hasn't yet received their news, and I hope to see the others during March Break!

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My essay was essentially a highlight of my top accomplishments and extracurricular activities, such as a national chemistry award and almost hours of hospital volunteering at two hospitals, one of which is a world class institution for research I haven't done any research there yet, just regular volunteering. Of course, I'm in grade 12 now, so I probably had more time than most of you to do all of that.

Honestly, I think they're just looking for passion for scientific research specifically, with a good track record of academic achievements, so I wouldn't stress about not having exactly the same types of extracurriculars. Good luck!! Is it possible that they're still sending out emails? I hope so, I thought the notification date was by February 15th, the 3rd is quite early! I received mine on the 4th, so I think it's quite possible for them to stagger the acceptance letters. I was accepted on the 6th yesterday! Since I'm from Saskatchewan, I don't know anyone else who applied so I'm really happy to find this thread.

I'm asking from a learning perspective as I'd like to apply next year: what kinds of credentials did you apply with, and do you have any tips? I was at Carleton U, where did you go? In response to the question, I applied with a 98 average.

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I talked about my extracurriculars like JA, Youth Advisory Council, debate, volunteer exps, participation in a science fair, why I'm interested genetics etc. Nothing super biology-related really. I think you just have to make your essay stand out. I started with a little anecdote in mine. In my essay, I discussed how I attended SHAD last summer, my EC activities choir, recycling team, student leadership , my participation in a neurology competition, and my overall career plans! I'm a super ordinary person from a really small community.

I have a 96 average. I think they are just looking for people with a strong passion for science and a positive attitude towards learning. Has anyone else not heard from them yet? Everyone else I know has either received a rejection or an acceptance and I'm starting to get nervous…. Ya, idk, not sure if they just gave the rejection letters to ppl who didn't do well on their application and are basically putting us on the waiting list in case someone rejects their offer?

Just got my rejection too. They only took 45 out of applicants… that's a 7. Not doubting you or anything but where did you see those numbers? It's just that I was trying to find it while writing my application and I wasn't able to find it. I know!! This is just driving me crazy. I've been checking this platform every other min. I just really want to get in..

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My Uni offer isn't even worrying me this much. It was in my rejection email, they said they only had 45 placements to give and people applied. Sorry for the late response! Ahah its ok! And ya, idk why they haven't sent an email out already. I feel like I'm going to get rejected. I'm sorry, that's just how I type!! Wasn't trying to make fun of you.


Still haven't heard from them though. I feel like we're on a waiting list… If we were definitely not going to get in, we probably already would've been notified? I got in!!!!! I want to start doing publishing my own journals but I don't know where to start. I've done reaserch before but I'm having trouble coning up with good topics that haven't been done before that I could actually do.

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Hey everyone! I was rejected from BC but I'm hoping to apply again. Just wondering, what does it take to get in? Just got my rejection email! For those applying next year: I'm under the impression that past experience in labs isn't what the GRFAW program is looking for. I'm a little disappointed, but ah well. Studies of humans, mice and nematodes reveal a conserved role of neural activity and the transcription factor REST in extended longevity.

The transcription factor TCF7L2 mediates two important responses to nicotine in the medial habenula region of the rodent brain: aversion to nicotine, and regulation of blood sugar levels through a polysynaptic habenula—pancreas circuit.

Article 16 October Open Access. A high-resolution, global atlas of mortality of children under five years of age between and highlights subnational geographical inequalities in the distribution, rates and absolute counts of child deaths by age. Widespread formation of new particles from condensable vapours observed in the tropical upper troposphere is an important source of cloud condensation nuclei in the lower troposphere, affecting cloud properties.

Ultracold gases of dipolar atoms can exhibit fluid and crystalline oscillations at the same time, illuminating the ways in which different kinds of sound propagate in the quantum state of matter known as a supersolid. Signals emanating from the nervous system are potent modulators of longevity.