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How did you hear about us? Pop Quiz! Sign me up for the Top Tier Admissions Newsletter! Your Message. College student or college graduate? College Graduation Year required. What type of graduate degree program are you targeting? Insider Tips November 23, Kristen Willmott The time for graduate school admissions is in full swing with December, January and February deadlines approaching. You will be competing against applicants who hired professional help. All graduate admissions experience in the field is not equal.

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There are many graduate admissions consultants who have not actually worked in admissions at all. I would argue that this experience is not fully beneficial to a graduate school applicant seeking admittance to a top ranked graduate degree program.

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There are no guarantees in graduate school admissions. Be wary of anyone who offers you one. It is a conflict of interest for a graduate school admissions consultant to confer with a current admissions officer about his or her students. I can tell you this having been an admissions officer.

Every year I chat with parents and students who have just hung up the phone with admissions consultants who preached the benefits of their connections with current admissions officers at schools the student is targeting, framing these relationships as a leg up in admissions. These are promises that are not only false, but impossible to deliver on. It is not imperative or needed that your graduate admissions consultant be a member, but the takeaway are the principles that these members adhere to.

Some key principles that your graduate admissions consultant should uphold include: Put the interests of the clients and prospective clients ahead of their own.

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Advise applicants to explore career goals before applying to school. Support applicant introspection.

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Encourage applicants to research schools and their programs while providing information and resources. Insist that clients write their own essays. Maintain client confidentiality. See more here Be wary of an admissions consultant who sugarcoats anything for you.

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You need an admissions consultant who can be honest about: -your odds in the admissions process -any shortcomings in your application package -quantitative checkpoints you need to achieve GPA, test scores -specific strategies In the process you need to follow Flattery in an admissions consulting relationship can only hurt the applicant in the long run.

Your voice is key; it must be represented in all pieces of your application. Top 20 Things to Ask a Graduate School Admissions Consultant Before Hiring: Do you offer a free introductory call so that I can learn more about your company, my assigned consultant and your program? What information should I send you before this introductory call? Do you outsource any of the admissions consulting work that you do? What is your experience in admissions and in my targeted field?

What types of graduate school applicants do you work with? Where can I view a list of the graduate programs that your recent students have been accepted to?

What does our service include ?

Where can I view testimonials or referrals from past or current clients? Do you have any free programs or tips that I can view before I commit to paid packages at your company? What is the method of communication for consulting? Simultaneously exciting and stressful, this process requires significant planning, initiative, hard work, and creativity to ensure that applicants distinguish themselves and navigate wisely.

Our experienced admissions consultants support candidates throughout their journey, providing all of the following services:. An exceptional essay humanizes and animates an application, revealing the intangible qualities which distinguish an individual, such as intellectual curiosity, cultural diversity, integrity, leadership skills, passion, and ingenuity.

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Yet, the statement and essays are often a source of overwhelming anxiety and confusion for applicants, due to their critical role in admissions decisions and the significant introspection and specificity they require. For this reason, our consultants thoughtfully guide candidates through the essay development process, from initial conversations and brainstorming to final revisions and application submission.

Through active listening, ongoing dialogue, structured assignments, and constructive feedback, we help prospective students accentuate their strengths and contextualize their weaknesses most effectively. Rather than shape candidates to fit an idealized mold, we help them identify, develop, and articulate the qualities that set them apart from others. While this writing and revision process is rarely easy, applicants often refer to it in retrospect as an enlightening and satisfying experience.