Mark twain essay the awful german language

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Wikipedia - The Awful German Language. Reviewer: Joanna - October 23, Subject: Hilarious, so true, and very well read.

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  • I absolutely loved this audiobook. It made me laugh out loud. I have been learning German for several years and have moved to Germany earlier this year. This was the largest German language newspaper in the West at that time. Decades later Twain planned his first extended journey through Euroupe and seriously learned German.

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    • These nannies also prepared the family for their German stays and helped them with the complexities of this elusive language. Apparently, German had an enormous impact on Twain and his life and finally was captured largely in his essay The Awful German Language.

      On "The Awful German Language"

      The first paragraph indicates to the reader the thesis of the essay and gives an idea as to what the essay is about. Effectively, it is the introduction of the short work. Twain starts his essay reporting briefly about his effort and enormous dedication to learn the German language.

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      He presents a certain situation at a German museum where his linguistic competence and abilities regarding his German was noticed and appreciated by the curator. The main body of the essay begins with the second paragraph. Here Twain comes up with his strongest arguments and what is more, he substantiates his arguments by presenting extensive aspects concerning the vices of the German language. He starts his list of vices with the exceptions of rules. He continues by criticizing the gender and the random system of irregularity with word gender assignment. The next parts of speech are mentioned and Twain explains his dilemma with these troublesome basic types of words that are never in a regular order.

      According to him, that certain particularity interrupts the normal syntactical flow and, in the end, leads to great confusion. The pitfall of seperable verbs is another vice Twain explicates in the first body paragraph of the essay. Critical Assessments.

      The Awful German Language (audio book)

      LeMaster, James D. David E.

      The Awful German Language - by Mark Twain

      Sloan Tuscaloosa, A N Andreas Nauhardt Author. Add to cart. Table of Contents 1. Introduction 2.