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Use a page mockup to draw in the proposed masthead so you can decide whether you like its placement. Decide between a longer vertical column or a smaller two-column box, based on your design preferences and typical editorial layout. Put your newspaper's name at the top, center, of your mock-up, using the same font as in the nameplate. This draws the reader's eye to a section and clearly separates the masthead from an article or ad.

Include the newspaper slogan directly underneath. List the publisher underneath the newspaper name and slogan. As publisher, he or she represents both the editorial and business sides of the publication, so having the name at top works regardless of whether you use a vertical column or two-column box. Use a slightly larger font to reflect the publisher's position.

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List the remaining editorial positions in order from most to least senior. For example, list in order of executive editor, managing editor, assistant manager editors, section editors and--if including--reporters, photographers and copy editors. Use the same size font for all positions. Stack these two lists on top each of other if using a vertical column, or lay them side-by-side in the mockup if using a two-column format. Center your newspaper's address and main phone number at the bottom of the masthead. Include additional information, such as "founded in " or contact information to subscribe or advertise.

Keep this information as short as possible to save space, using only a phone number or e-mail address. Keep the editorial and business sides roughly equitable. For example, don't include individual advertising representatives if you don't include individual reporters. But do include the leaders of section advertising just as you'd include the editorial leader of each section.

Create at least two mockups, one vertical and one two-column, to present if a committee is making the ultimate design choice. Use a computer design program so you can easily move text around and change fonts to make the masthead work. Tallulah Philange has worked as a journalist since Her work has appeared in the "Princeton N. Packet," "Destinations" magazine and in higher education publications. She also has edited and produced online content for those publications. Philange holds a Bachelor of Arts in print journalism from American University and a Master of Arts in communication, culture and technology from Georgetown University.

Share It. It goes without saying that all journalists, including students, should check the reliability of their sources. In some cases your sources will ask you to protect their identity. It will probably not happen very often in the school context, but if they do, you must respect their wish. Make sure that the most experienced editors are reviewing and editing every article before publication.

Submit each piece for peer review. The reviewer should analyze grammar, spelling, tone and voice, as well as other standards imposed by the production manager. Encourage students to provide useful, objective feedback. Writing for a school newspaper is a learning experience. We recommend the art director and production manager to make a style manual because it will help students get familiar with the design guidelines and learn to respect them.

The manual might change over time. The newspaper style guide should cover the general layout, number of pages, font types and sizes, guidelines for photos and cropping. These rules will guarantee some visual consistency for your future newspaper editions. Ask all designers to get familiar with the rules, before they start working on their first assignment.

The newsroom is a very busy and exciting place.

Everybody works on something, and the production manager has to coordinate everything, making sure the design and the copy complement each other. Communication between designers, art director, editors and production manager is key. Designers will work with dummy texts at the beginning, until editors finish their part. It also means that they will have to make edits to the design and make small adjustments so that everything looks great.

If you are a designer working for a school paper, learn about grids, composition and editorial design principles. Your design should look great and provide a great reading experience. We made a few school newspaper templates that are free to edit online and to publish them digitally. These templates are the perfect solution for very small or inexperienced teams, because they will save you a LOT of time.

Start editing your favorite newspaper template very easily. Just click on images and register for an account. Then you can customize these layouts in the editor with a simple click on these images. They can create their own layouts from scratch in our online editor, starting with blank pages. The downloaded PDF is printable, so you can take it to print right away. Nowadays many newspapers are digital-only, for various reasons.

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No more paper, no more trees being cut! We think this is a great solution for schools, especially because the young generations of students are digital natives. The stylish look is an added bonus. The digital version of your student newspaper is free with Flipsnack. Thanks for this. As a kid, you may be scared at the beginning, but after you have written […]. As a newly appointed EIC, I think that being part of the editorial board is an indicator that we are indeed the cream of the crop, a thing that we must really be grateful for.

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But before proceeding to the complexes, it is vital to know first the basics, thanks to this! I really appreciate your tip to have someone be in charge of the layout when you publish your newspaper so it looks natural. My wife and I have been thinking of getting our daughter into the school newspaper so she can make friends. I will be sure to tell her to ask about a layout specialist. I find this article useful to my study. I would like to ask for the complete name of the author and the date of its publication so I can have the citation. What I am looking for for my middle school journalism class is the ability for the students to have access to designing and writing directly on the program and then I complete the final editing before publication.

Is this possible with Flipsnack?

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Can the students have their own individual access to the paper? The last online newspaper we did only allowed for me to do everything. Hi Shannon! We highly recommend getting a classroom plan for your class: Classroom plan It includes up to 30 connected student accounts, fully controlled by the teacher, so you would be able to do the final editing on their designs. With this plan students can work on projects at the same time in Flipsnack but the program might not save all their edits properly if they all work on the same project.

So you would have to use the same account as the student to log in and make the final edits. Your email address will not be published. Flipsnack Marketing Design Tutorials Freebies. Links Search. February 8, — Jani. We simply want you to be a little less stressed, while producing a quality student paper. Department editors are responsible for all the articles that belong in their section and they work closely with the editors and reporters that are in their sections. He communicates directly with the printing house and with the technical department Technical staff — the technical department publishes the newspaper on the website.

Write clear job descriptions for each role This way each student will understand his place and purpose in the team, will know exactly who he has to report to, what is expected, duties and responsibilities.

Elements of a newspaper

Hiring for school newspapers Some colleges offer paid positions for the newspaper staff, but most high schools and colleges do not. Ground rules College newspapers function under the protection of the First Amendment, so students can truly express themselves and their opinions, even when their views are contradictory to those of the school. Types of articles School newspapers and regular newspapers are structured in a similar manner, even though the topics are tailored to the audience.

School news News articles should cover various events, policies and other school news that are interesting for students. Feature story over words Each newspaper edition is likely to have a feature story.