Works cited format for an essay included in an anthology

Example : Smith, John D. Authors that are organizations, corporations, government entities, etc.

More Examples - Cite Your Sources: MLA - Guides at University of Guelph

Do not invert or use abbreviations. Examples : United States Department of Commerce. General Motors Corporation. American Civil Liberties Union.

Referencing books in MLA

Editor Formats Editors If an entire edited book with authored chapters is cited, the editor is listed as the author with the abbreviation "ed. List first editor with the last name first, followed by a comma and "editor. APA: Derrida, J. Johnson, Trans. Chicago: 5. By Mary Shelley. New York: Norton, APA: Hunter, J. New York, NY: Norton. Chicago: 6.

Examples of MLA Citations

Sometimes the material you cite will not be from the main body of the book, but from a preface, foreword, or introduction written by a different author. No appointment needed.

Citing Anthology or Collection of essays in MLA

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Citing Books - General Information Books vs. Older Works In the case of older works, sometimes an editor has worked on the text even though it has a single primary author. Translators For translated works, list by the name of the original author.

Drop-In Writing Partners No appointment needed. Original year of publication optional. In this example, the edition cited is published in , so the publishers name is given. If, however, the edition cited was published in , then London would be given instead of the publisher Penguin.

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Temple, Philip, editor. Godwit, Allen, Robert C. The Television Studies Reader. Routledge, Pere, Vernice Wineera.

In-Text Citations

Hills, Matt. Allen and Annette Hill, Routledge, , pp. Section type Introduction, Preface, Foreword, Afterword. Book title italicised with the first letter of major words capitalised , subtitle optional. Praz, Mario. Three Gothic Novels. Edited by Peter Fairclough, Penguin, , pp. A URL or web address should be given to help readers locate the source. Only use www. For most university assignments, it is unnecessary to include the second container the larger whole the source is part of for e-books.

However, if required, you can include second containers , such as YouTube, databases, Netflix etc. The date of access is optional but recommended when the source provides no indication of production or publication date.

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  7. Order: Author s the first author uses last name-first name format and subsequent authors use first name-last name format. Book title italicised with the first letter of major words capitalised , subtitle optional , Other contributors translators or editors , version edition , number vol. Date of access also optional. Evans, C.

    Author Formats

    Sampson Low, Marston, and Company, New Zealand Electronic Text Centre , nzetc. Accessed 28 June Software is needed to read an e-book on a device e. Book title italicised with the first letter of major words capitalised , subtitle optional , edition no. Kindle ed.